Boosting your rank on Valorant provides lots of advantages and privileges for players who wanted to improve their skills. Boosting or raising your rank to a higher level allows you to play with skilled players. Some of them are professional gamers which could be a great privilege and opportunity for you. So if you are playing on their tier, you should step up and improve your skill to a professional level. Here’s how to do it.

Positioning is everything

In FPS games like Valorant, you need to have the best position in the game. But that doesn’t mean you should stay in that position. Positioning in FPS games means you should not remain in one spot all the time, especially if your enemy uncovers your location. The best thing to do is to peak, shoot, then run to another area or find another place to hide. If you want to get more details about valorant boosting, you may check out

Master Headshots like the Pros

After getting your valorant boosting done, you will notice that you are playing with skillful players. These players would always get a fast kill by a headshot. Professional gamers always do headshots in the game. Try to master that because headshots have more significant damage than body shots.

Also, you need to consider the armor they are wearing. Body armors will usually absorb or lessen the damage. Also, headgears and helmets can diminish damage penetration. But when you hit the right spot, like the on the eye or the face, you can get an easy kill.

Master the map areas

Hiding places and spots where you can crouch and cover yourself is very important in the game. You don’t want your opponents to shoot you in the open. Therefore it’s essential to master the map. Familiarize the location where you can hide and find the right spot to cover. This will help you in making ambushes and easy kills.